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Putting Super System

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The Putting Super System is effective because it breaks the stroke down to its core elements and explains each component in a SIMPLE format that replaces bad habits with strong fundamentals. The system is readily adaptable to your current putting stroke and only requires subtle but important changes that you can learn quickly and effectively within a matter of days.

Gain a reputation as a player who never 3-putts and always holes the critical putts for par.


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Product Details

The author of The Putting Super System is Jack Hansen.  His eBook is one of the longest running digital book downloads, having been available for about 30 months.  Mr. Hansen claims that his system will take 7 strokes off your game in 2 weeks.

This is a pretty bold claim, but has some merit due to the time this book has been available to the public; most eBooks like this fade away and are history after less than 8 months.

Hansen says he developed the Putting Super System after more than 20 years of playing and teaching competitive golfers all over the world. He goes on to say that his system is the only instructional book available that provides a comprehensive break down of the entire putting process.  His eBook includes hundreds of secrets about putting fundamentals covering the grip, setup, stroke, reading greens, pre-shot routine, mental techniques and much more.

Mr. Hansen point out that the best way to lower your scores is to master the one club that accounts for more than 40% of all shots taken on the golf course.


Build a consistent swing tempo that rolls the ball at the proper speed to make more putts
Learn the "HIGH POINT" approach to reading greens and how it can help you get your putts on the right line every time
The only golf instructional guide that provides In-depth instruction on all aspects of the putting game: physical, mental, equipment selection and more
Develop a pre-shot routine that helps you build a reliable putting stroke that holds up under even the most extreme pressure
A revolutionary new "putter selection test" that will ensure you have the right putter for your unique putting stroke. The results of this test will surprise you.

Price: $47.00  

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Consumer Feedback

Over the last two years I worked super hard to improve my game and reach my goal of breaking 100.

I've spent over $500 on lessons and training aids. I've come close to breaking 100 many times, but just couldn't get over the hump.

...within hours of reading your book I hurried to the practice green to try out your stoke techniques. Not only did they work, but i found that I only needed slight adjustments from my exsisting stroke to turn it into a 'super stroke.'
Actual user feedback from L Olsen

Like most players at my club, I thought the secret to playing great golf was sculpting a perfect stroke and hitting range balls until I was blue in the face. When I first read your book, I was skeptical about spending so much time on putting instead of flocking back toward the range with everyone else.

Man was I wrong. ...After only 3 day after learning the Super System, I had 11 one putts and didn't 3 putt a single hole. My improved putting helped me make 4 birdies... the most I've ever had in one round.
Actual user feedback from R Woolenski

First, thanks for finally publishing an instructional guide that deals with the great mystery that is solid putting. Second, the putting games you included as a bonus are awesome. I never like to practice, but now my friends and I spend hours on the putting green playing these games and we've all dropped our scores by more than 5 strokes.

Our favorite game is surrender, we love the mental aspect of it.
Actual user feedback from F DeLeon

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