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Breakthrough Putting Secrets

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If you’re really ready to perfect and master your putting stroke, then you want to get your hands on a copy of Breakthrough Putting Secrets Revealed.

Realize that if you went to your local golf Pro for putting lessons, you'll be charged in the neighborhood of about $60 (and that's on the low end) for each lesson. And, having to take multiple lessons before you see any improvement, you might spend $300, $400 and even $500 or even more to learn techniques that aren't even half as effective as what is taught in this system. 

The author, Scott Meyers, is a golf professional and he reveals his methods for improving your golf swing and cutting strokes from your game.

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Product Details

The authors name is Scott Myers, and over the years he has helped many golfers improve their putting by providing them with insight on how to work out the tweaks in this part of their game.

Scott has played the game for a long time, and has coached others on how to play the game.  He knows exactly what you’re going through right now. You want to improve your putting, but it seems that every time you seem to get it together one round, it comes falling apart the next time you play.

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault.  Just about all golfers fall into this same problem at some point. In fact, 99% of golfers are inconsistent with their putting and will never improve enough to become even a good player.

But the good news for you today is that with his putting system, you’ll finally be able to overcome any and all of your handicaps and start putting better than you've thought possible!


How to Gain a silky smooth putting stroke that’s comparable to Tiger Woods
Start making twice as many putts with less effort
Get 3 times more accuracy by changing one little thing in your stroke
Eliminate your 3-putts once and for all
Get your distance control to an exact science

Price: $37.00

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Consumer Feedback


Your first tip worked, thanks. I have practiced twice using the principles you suggest. I feel more confident in my stroke; confidence that I had lost having been a more than average putter over the years. I am 72 years of age and tomorrow I am playing in the Queensland open seniors (over 55 )championships in Australia. My handicap of 11 is one of the highest of the field of 142 professionals and leading amateurs. My aim is to play my best in elite company and improve my scores of last week when I played in the Queensland Senior Amateur Championship.
Actual user feedback from C Peacock

For many years I have taught numerous golfers to use the same technique you
are advocating. Yes, it does produce a better roll to the ball. However, there is another advantage. Initially I used the technique with golfers who had great difficulity preventing their left wrist from breaking down on the forward stroke, an absolute no-no in a proper putting motion.
This resulted in a stroke that actually forced the hands to go "thru" the ball instead of a pop stroke that saw the hands stop at the ball. It also reduced the loft of the putter-head at impact because the hands were not flipping the putter-head up thus adding
loft at impact.
A golfer needs just a small amount of loft at impact to get the ball rolling properly. Too much loft causes the ball to bounce while too little loft causes the ball to skid, as I am sure to already know. Anyway, it works!
Actual user feedback from L Kaczmarek

Hello Scott,

   I already downloaded the e book.  I can tell you as a tour player that your instruction is dead on. I found the section on reading greens particularly helpful.  Thanks for the diligent work. 

Actual user feedback from G Olson

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